Baseball  teams in the early days identified themselves by the colors of their socks.  But some dyes irritated the skin.  So players started wearing team colors on cloth stirrups under the feet over white socks.  It worked and that’s how stirrups got to be a traditional part of the uniform.  Did I mention that the statistical study of baseball is called “sabermetrics”?  Who knew.

 A scenic grove of pines off a gravel road leading to some summer cabins on Lake Michigan have been a topic of conversation in our family for many years. In our memory it was located East of Oostburg Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. Our Haley Grandparents rented a cabin from Fr. Frank Cichozki. Brother Tom and several of our siblings and cousins talked about taking a trip there to see if it still remained. I believe only Tom and I remembered visiting our Haley grandparents there and recently having run across some pictures taken during 1944 and 1945 the topic came up again. This time stimulated by a conversation Tom had with a man from Oostburg sitting across from him on a bench on the shores of Green Bay while his family was swimming. They chatted about The Pines and the man said it was still in existence and he knew of Fr. Frank.

Fr. Frank was the Pastor of Our Lady of Victory Church located in Jefferson Park since 1909. He had purchased the land called the Pines spending summers there also renting the cabins to parishioners, like Tom and Mae Haley. Family members came on weekends, Aunt Catherine, Aunt Betty, there sons and many of their friends. The cabin had running water, electricity, a large dormitory upstairs and a few large rooms and a great kitchen on the first floor with a screened in porch. The front steps led down to the wide beach and the wonders of cool Lake Michigan waters. In the woods was a chapel that held about 25 people where Mass was said daily.

Fueled by information from the man on the bench Tom, Peggy and myself took off for a hunting trip to Oostburg. Having lunch in town and asking several people about the area we finally found a man walking to get his mail who knew that the Pines had indeed existed. He let us know we were close but had to backtrack a bit. He told us of some stone pillars that were near the small development that used to have a sign over the entrance. I remembered that sign, THE PINES and when you entered through it, to the right was the caretaker’s cottage. Well the stone pillars were there but the sign and the cottage were not.

We parked and walked down to the water. There was a lot of sea grass planted there Tom said probably to keep the ground from erosion. There are many beautiful homes there now and big open porches and they seem closer to the water than the cabins were. All the property now is all privately owned. We were told that an order of nuns acquired the cabins from Fr. Frank when he could no longer visit by himself. He lived a long time and was Pastor at OLVC for 41 years. He was a good friend to our Grandparents and good thoughts of him remain with our memories of the Pines.

During the times we visited there America was in turmoil with WWII and Uncle’s Walter, Jim and Paul in military service. Grandma Haley used to go up for the summers and Grandpa used to go for weekends. There wasn’t any super highways like today so it was a rather long trip by car. I often went with him and can still at times smell his cigar that permeated his car. The Victory Glee Club used to sing all over the City of Chicago and every year went up to Fr. Frank’s cabins for a long weekend. Occasionally I would ride home on the bus with them. The war ended and the boys came home and the women who had held down the fort working in defense plants like Douglas Aircraft which would later become O’Hare Field Airport, were happy to go back to keeping house.

But the world had changed and women took a different role as partner in their household. The Pines in Wisconsin held many good memories and on that porch many good sing along’s could be heard. It was a treat to visit again with Tom and Peggy and we had a wonderful day.

Remember that phrase? Well it surfaced in my mind the other day. Tim and Kim went out to dinner with friends. I decided to make mashed potatoes to complete the meal I was making for myself and Michael. Taking six potatoes from the pantry and peeling them into the sink, I flushed the peels down the disposal. Bad Move!

I realized my mistake when I felt something liquid on my feet. I shut off the water realizing the disposal was clogged. I quickly went for the under sink plunger. Opening the cabinet doors the water and peels came cascading over my tennis shoes. I yelled Michael I need help! His reply was “in a minute Nana”, NOW MICHAEL, and he came running. His observation was immediately effective and he ran for towels, emptied the under sink cleaners, and laid out towels to soak up the liquid. Then
I watched as he ran into the garage to get a ladder. “Michael what are you doing now? “
He replied as he flew down the stairs that the liquid probably seeped down thru the floor into the quilt shop. I probably will never have another heart attack because one would have hit me at that time.

Sure enough the water seeped around the pipes under the sink and through the floor onto the carpet in the Quilt Shop. While Mike was removing the ceiling tile which was soaked, I ran upstairs bad knee and all to get rags to shove in around the electric wires. I also got onto the floor and soaked up the liquid in the carpet and did a dance on it to get remaining liquid up and let it dry. It was a Friday night and in my mind I am adding the cost of a plumber and an electrician on a weekend. Michael remained quite calm through the entire episode. I told him I was sure his father would kill me when he got home. He replied “he didn’t kill Kristin when she did it 3 months ago.” Somehow that didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Of course we then went upstairs and saw that the S curved pipe under the sink had blow apart with the pressure from the disposal which I was sure also had to be replaced. With the immediate crisis under control Mike went upstairs to continue watching his movie and I opened the wine to await Kim and Tim’s arrival home.

Tim cleaned out the S pipe and fitted it back together, turned on the disposal which blessedly worked,
checked downstairs where he reported no damage was done to the wires or carpet but the ceiling tile had to be replaced. Fortunately there was an extra ones in the garage. Thank God Mike was home.
What Goes Down the Garbage Disposal——NOTHING!
Wine is good for the soul.

There she was up on the stage getting her diploma. Our star Sella Ann.  She marched right up with her classmates all 390 of them.  My mind kept going to the little one year old that came to AZ to visit with her Mom Sarah.  She was dressed like a doll and the best baby girl ever.  We had seen her as an infant but other than that she didn’t know us her grandparents.  She smiled all the time and loved to be walked around on her tippy toes with her little socks with pink ruffles.  Thirteen years have gone by but she still smiles and now loves Hollister clothes and hot guy on the bag. Growing up and reaching for the stars she is now a freshman.  I never see her I don’t think of her pretty little socks and how she fit into our lives. How lucky I am to still be near this child and share her dreams.  Every event and milestone makes me so happy she is in our lives.

Arriving from Colorado May 19th I hurried to Antioch for my brother Bill’s 70th birthday party. The next day was a trip to the Outlet Mall with a lunch and quick trip to the airport to pick up my niece Christa. Her plane was on time but we (my Sissy and I) were stuck in traffic on Route #94 for four hours because of a semi-trailer/car accident.
Next day hurried to the beauty shop in the morning and off to the Wedding at 3:00PM to see our darling niece Jennifer marry the man of her dreams. Sunday was a quiet morning, which I needed, the afternoon was another trip to Antioch for Jake Garvey’s 30th surprise party. Thought the days would quiet down and low and behold, I have two graduations one on Friday the 28th and now June 2nd we have another. a Granddaughter Stella and Great-Granddaughter Sinclair. A very busy two weeks and it looks like it will be just a busy next week. My life behind the glass. More Later

Hi Peoples,

Well I have a blog, I feel so special!  I will be learning how to use this space available to me so check back in a few days.  Great things await you.  Betts


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